The smallness of many CEE markets combined with the cultural and economic diversity of the region create a complexity that is hard to manage. Constant pressure to cut costs and keep organizations lean are often in conflict with necessary growth initiatives for local markets. How are successful companies in CEE handling these conflicting interests and goals? How do they address the complexity issue?

At this congress we will discuss successful strategic, organizational and management concepts that can be used as best practices for dealing with complexity in this region.


08:30-09:00: Start - Get Together
09:00-09:15: "Trust and Complexity in CEE" Dr. Manfred Berger
09:15-09:30: "How to handle Complexity in CEE" Dr. Arnold Schuh
09:30-10:10: "Political Complexity versus Economic Development in CEE" Martin Ehl, Hospodarske Noviny, Prag
10:10-10:50: "Consumer Trends in CEE" Mag. Alexander Zeh, GfK Austria
10:50-11:10: Coffee Break
11:10-12:00: "Welcome Complexity in Human Resources" Mag.Günther Tengel/Mag.Andreas Philippitsch, Amrop-Jenewein
12:00-12:50: "Rail Cargo Austria - Growth in CEE" Dr. Georg Kasperkovitz, Rail Cargo Group
12:50-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-14:10: "The Kotányi Brand Strategy in CEE" Mag. Mario Zenaty, Kotányi
14:10-15:00: "Henkel CEE - Sales- Excellence in a complex Trade Environment" Mag.Martina Steinberger-Voracek, Henkel
15:00-15:50: "Salesianer Miettex – How we handle more than 350 tons of Textiles for 25.000 Clients in 7 Countries" Dr. Andreas Philipp/Dr. Viktor Ioane, Salesianer Miettex
15:50-16:10: Coffee Break
16:10-17:00: "Paid – Owned – Earned Media changes the Communication in CEE " Mag. Joachim Feher, mediacom
17:00-17:30: Summary & Time Reserve Dr. Manfred Berger, Dr. Arnold Schuh
17:30-18:30: Drinks – Get-Together